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Cruel Truths is an office romance

On the verge of giving up her dream, she’s offered one last opportunity when fate intervenes.

Aspiring fashion designer Lindy Garcia’s new boss, Cade Kingsley, has been a cold-hearted a-hole since their first meeting. As he sits on the board of the fashion company she is determined to be a part of, Lindy vows to withstand anything he throws her way.

Having grown up in the inner city, she’s learned to keep her emotions buried, but Cade causes her to lose control over and over again, in more ways than one. Despite her resolve not to let him draw her in, he finds her weakness: her family. Now Lindy has no choice but to be his fake girlfriend. Suddenly she’s forced to be in his proximity all the time, enduring the sensations he invokes in her.

Gradually, Lindy’s dislike turns into a connection she’s unable to break away from. When it all comes crashing down around her, will she give up and go home or give Cade another chance?

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Cruel Truths
Blindsided is a football romance

Betrayed. Blindsided. Bullied.

My high school experience is nothing like I’d imagined.

Brock had been my best friend since we were four years old. We were inseparable. Or so I thought. In our early teens, our friendship started to feel like something more, something I desperately wanted.

Then I was betrayed by him, along with Victoria, the girl who had made our duo into a trio. Blindsided by the accusation that I was a traitor. Bullied and ostracized for three years, all for something I never did.

All I want to do is keep my head down and make it through senior year. I miss Brock every day, even though he has made my high school days miserable. Unlike him, I can’t just forget our past, or the bond we had. And even after three years, no guy has ever made me feel the way he did.

When Rylan arrives and becomes the new star of the football team, I finally find myself with a friend and ally. Through him, I see glimpses of my former best friend. The more I soften toward Brock, the more confused I become. My head is screaming at me to stay away, but my heart still wants him. Which one do I trust? And will I live to regret it?

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Never let your guard down.

Keep your enemies close.

Suddenly those phrases seem like words of wisdom and not dark, forbidding statements.

Tessa Parker is struggling to keep all of the balls she is juggling in the air. The last thing she needs is an unexpected and unwanted meeting with Jordan Davis putting her back on his radar.

Four years ago a pregnant Tessa was blackmailed into leaving Jordan. She was young and trusted the wrong people, but unfortunately for her, Jordan is going to make her pay for her mistake.

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Jordan's Justice

He lives his life in the spotlight. She avoids it at all cost.

College basketball star Jordan Davis gets recognized everywhere he goes. Senior Tessa Parker survives by keeping her head down. Both are from San Jose, but they may as well be from different planets. Tessa grew up in the inner city, a long way from the glitz and glamour of Jordan’s life.

It’s a classic case of opposites attract, but real life doesn’t work that way. Tessa isn’t comfortable in Jordan’s world, and the people in it don’t want her there.

Breaking Tessa ends with a cliffhanger. (Part two of the duo is Jordan's Justice.)

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Breakin Tessa

Hell Disguised As Heaven. . .

Greer Smith’s circumstances change radically her senior year of high school. Moving from an apartment to a multimillion-dollar mansion should be an easy transition, but her soon-to-be stepbrother makes it hell on earth.

Beckett Dawson is a football god and an arrogant jerk. He makes it clear Greer is not welcome in his home or at his elite private school. And yet, the battle with herself is more confusing than the one with Beckett. Why is she drawn to him? Why does she see the good in him?

Even with confusing and unexpected obstacles, Greer is determined to find a way to not only survive but also to thrive, no matter what Beckett throws her way. But he’s not going to make it easy.

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Battling Beckett

“All she wanted to do was leave, but Calum was doing everything to keep her there. What he had endured was more humiliating, so she swallowed the uncomfortable emotions swirling in her stomach trying to crawl their way up her throat…”

Olivia Crawford was ‘famous’ for being the rich, snooty, spoiled town princess. Ever since she could remember girls whispered and pointed at her. Boys gawked at her, but didn’t dare approach her.

Now she was in college, in the same town, with the same people who never forgave her for callously dumping the boy who had become the town celebrity.

Calum Breen was the adored, easy-going, captivating high school athlete. He didn’t know who Olivia was at first and then he didn’t give a damn. He pursued her until he had her, and then Olivia made it crystal clear her uppity reputation was more than deserved. His humiliation and anger, at her hands, drove him to the MMA. Now he was back to prove who was better than who.

He was no longer the gullible, love-struck boy; he was a hardened man who had learned to defend himself. And he was going to enjoy teaching Olivia how sweet payback is.

Calum’s path for revenge takes some unexpected turns and he learns not everything is at it appears.

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Humiliating Revenge

Alexandra Cummings learned at an early age how to take care of herself. She had no choice. It was either learn or become homeless. With years of hard lessons and determination, Alexandra sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Then she meets Garret Lock.


Garret Lock has always gotten what he wants—and he wants Alexandra Cummings in his bed. All his life, women have been after his money and strived to have his last name. Alexandra isn’t the exception. She is going about it in an unconventional way, but in the end he will have her on his terms.

Garret is ripping Alexandra’s well-ordered life to shreds. She is fighting to keep her job and life together, but Garret thwarts her at every turn. When her past and present collide, Alexandra reluctantly turns to Garret. Will he restore her belief that other people can be trusted or reinforce that she can’t count on anyone but herself?

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